Earless Pup Needs Home

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Vinny's ears were inhumanely removed. This resilient puppy is looking for a new home.

A Cape Girardeau Animal Control officer picked up a five-month-old pit bull puppy that looks different from your average dog. The pup does not have any visible ears. Veterinarian Ann Seabaugh of LaCroix Pet Hospital examined the pup who was named Vinny by humane society staff. Seabaugh said she believes his ears were clipped off completely without anesthesia when he was probably just days old. The skin was then sewn over the opening to the ear, leaving him without ears. Seabaugh said that Vinny can still hear, but things just sound muffled to him.

This is considered mutilation of an animal and it is an illegal act. Any information regarding the breeder of this puppy can be given anonymously to The Humane Society of Southeast Missouri by calling 573-334-5837 or you may call the Cape Girardeau Police Department.

Cheryle Dillon, Director at The Humane Society, says that Vinny is a very friendly puppy. He gets along with people and other animals. Dillon said that Vinny does have a condition called Cherry Eye, which is the swelling of a gland in the eye. His eyes will be repaired with surgery and it should not affect his vision. Vinny is looking for a new home.

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