Speak Out 6/18/04

Friday, June 18, 2004

Access on the alley

THE CITY should pave the alley that runs behind the Glenn House. With too many steps at the front, all tourist buses are coming through the alley. I saw six by 10 o'clock Saturday morning. If we want the tourists to come, we should upgrade the route they are driven through.

Billboards on highway

STEVE ROBERTSON feels that billboards are an advantage, but I don't see him putting one up for his or his wife's business on the highway to lure people in. However, there are other antique stores that have taken the initiative and spent their own money for billboards on the highway for their stores.

Time to lighten up

NOW WE have someone mad because the Irish were referred to as a race instead of a nationality. In any case, the Irish could feel fun is being made of their culture. Part of our problem is too many people are carrying chips on their shoulders. I guess President Reagan will be condemned saying he was one cowboy who would root for the Indians while he was visiting Southeast Missouri State University. He was Irish. Good grief. Lighten up a little and enjoy our blessings.

Trucker safety

A SPEAK Out comment complained about truckers parking on off ramps to sleep. Regulations prudently mandate how many hours truckers can drive and how much time they take off to sleep. Over-the-road truckers have to manage their driving time to comply and to efficiently run their operations. There are never enough truck stops with enough parking in the right places. When you see a trucker parked, safely sleeping on an off ramp, he's doing it right. Please support our hard-working truck drivers.

Courts in church

AS A conservative, I couldn't care less if homosexuals wish to share some type of legal, civil union. However, I do not believe gay couples should raise children, nor do I want a law recognizing gay "marriage." Such a law is only a short step from having some liberal court force a church to marry a gay couple, even if it is against that church's doctrine. Recently, a California court ordered a church to reinstate several members who had been excommunicated for violating church rules. The court said the church did not have the right to practice its own established doctrines.

Ask for a stirrer

TO THE person whose pet peeve is not receiving a stir stick with his coffee at a fast-food restaurant: I've come to realize that communication is a two-way street. Please bear in mind that a direct request for a stir stick may yield better results than airing your pet peeve in Speak Out.

Still need some help

THERE ARE those of us who work hard to make ends meet and still need help paying the rent. Just because we get HUD assistance doesn't mean we don't work. The ones who deserve help are the ones who work hard at real jobs 40 or more hours a week. Those who get help but don't work drain the system and take away from those who deserve it.

Move to the right

THIS IS to all of the drivers in Cape Girardeau: On four-lane roads, the left lane is used for passing and executing left turns if no dedicated turn lane is available. So if you're in the left lane and someone's tailgating you, get over. In some states, cruising in the outside lane is a crime.

More traffic control

CAPE GIRARDEAU needs to rethink the intersection of Hopper and Mount Auburn roads. The stop sign approach is a good idea, but traffic traveling on Mount Auburn doesn't pay attention to traffic on Hopper. I've had several near misses usually involving a daydreamer or someone talking on a cell phone. I wish the city could install traffic-sensing signals to alleviate the frustration and possibly prevent accidents.

Thinking intelligently

I ENJOYED Paul Greenberg's column on the need for an effective Central Intelligence Agency. I think we are rapidly approaching the point where "intelligence service" is an oxymoron.

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