Speak Out 4/30/08

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Support recycling

SHAME ON those who do not support Ali Herzog in her efforts. Let's hope she becomes an Army of One. Keep it up, Ali!

Jackson shuffle

JACKSON SCHOOL District is reorganizing its upper administrative structure. Give me a break. Two administrators are getting new titles and a raise in salary. So what if one of them is in charge of the district publication? Classroom teachers send out publications each month while taking care of a classroom full of students. They don't get a huge pay raise. Jackson should hold off on the glut at the top and use the money from reorganization to pay for another teacher and get class sizes down.

Police concern

RECENTLY I'VE been debating whether or not to buy a handgun, mainly for personal protection. On the night of April 22, the Jackson Police Department made my decision for me. Around 10:30 p.m. I was awakened by the sound of men talking outside my bedroom window and police cars driving around my neighborhood spotlighting my back yard as well as my neighbors' yards. As I looked closer I saw at least one figure searching through the neighborhood on foot with a flashlight. Then I heard a helicopter overhead. This carried on for over a half-hour. Being fairly concerned, I called the Jackson Police Department to find out if there was anything I should do or look out for. The woman who answered the phone was short with me and said it was just a couple of cows loose. I said thank you and hung up the phone feeling insulted. I've never heard of anyone going to such great lengths to find a couple of cows, nor have I ever known it to be that difficult to spot one. But perhaps I'm wrong and there really were a couple of incredibly clever cows that had Jackson's finest baffled for over a half-hour in the middle of town. Worse yet, maybe I'm right and not only did the police lie to me, they made a joke out of lying to me. Either scenario screams incompetence. The standards must be pretty low over at the police department. The police department has lost my faith and support and has left me with no other option but to arm myself.

Things to do

ST. LOUIS may have plenty of kid entertainment, more than Cape Girardeau for sure, but Cape Girardeau has plenty of adult entertainment. There's the River Campus where you can see plays and the Show Me Center. Why don't the Lippizaner horses come in the summer when you don't have so much to do? Why do they come in the spring when you're worried about how you're going to pay for graduation, graduation parties and prom? Why not wait until the school year's out? I find summers to be boring in Cape Girardeau, so thank goodness for a new water park. But as far as adults being able to entertain, Cape Girardeau is just as entertaining as any city. There's music at bars and restaurants. These are also family-friendly places too. So there's a lot in this area to offer to adults and entertainment. It's not just so much for the children. That's why you have to travel elsewhere for them.

Great photos

YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER, Fred Lynch, has been taking fantastic pictures of our athletes. He has exceptional talent for capturing the unusual positions, and it's really appreciated by readers. Great job, Fred.

Replacing carts

I CANNOT believe shoppers at grocery stores who won't put their carts back in the proper place when leaving. It has always been my pet peeve.

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