Letter to the Editor

Maguire's loss is felt by so many

Thursday, June 17, 2004

To the editor:

Last week I lost a true friend, a wife lost a loving husband, three children lost a devoted father, a church lost a faithful worker, the community lost a charitable and unselfish friend and the legal community lost a tremendous attorney.

Jeff Maguire was truly one in a million. Shakespeare suggested the first thing that should be done was to kill all the lawyers. If Jeff had lived in Shakespeare's time, I am sure that quote would have been modified.

I attended Jeff's funeral and wake. The outpouring of support for Jeff's gracious wife Donna and their children -- Courtney, Jean and Sam -- was evident. I was not surprised there was standing room only at his funeral. At the wake there were throngs of people from all walks of life paying tribute to a great friend.

I had the pleasure of working with Jeff for 15 years. We developed a great working relationship and friendship. I work with attorneys every day. Without a doubt Jeff was one of the very best. He was intelligent beyond belief, compassionate, honest and hardworking and an effective and well-respected attorney. Jeff never lost sight of the fact his family came first. Jeff was among the very few of us who can enjoy success to the degree he did without slighting friends and family.

Those of you who never knew Jeff also suffered a loss. You were robbed of the opportunity to know one of the most genuine and caring persons to ever pass this way.


Cape Girardeau