Hustle and rustle

Monday, April 21, 2008

It's almost too weird, too Wild West-ish to be true.

But cattle rustling seems to be a problem in Missouri.

According to an Associated Press story, cattle experts say a trailer full of stolen calves can fetch $12,000, and a single calf can sell for $600.

Gov. Matt Blunt recently told a meeting of ranchers that a task force he created seems to be helping, but only slightly, as rustling numbers showed only a small decrease.

The task force of state and local law enforcement has led to 26 rustling arrests in Missouri, mostly in southwest and south-central areas of the state. Missouri is the nation's second-leading beef cattle state behind Texas.

It seems farmers and ranchers are under attack from thieves these days, whether it be meth cooks stealing anhydrous gas, scrap metal thieves or cattle rustlers. It's logical that, as more attention is given to the problem in Missouri, the problem could migrate to this part of the state as well.

This is another reminder to be aware of what's going on in rural areas and report suspicious activity to authorities.

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