Grant Lund workshops help any artist learn more

Thursday, April 17, 2008

This weekend art enthusiasts will have the chance to learn what nobody told Grant Lund.

Dr. Lund will be visiting Cape Girardeau for the first time in four years to teach an art workshop, "Four Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in Art School."

Topics for the workshops include the language of art, the value of colors, a secret of composition and the heart as the creativity for art.

"Each workshop will deal with topics that I didn't learn in school and had to pick up on my own," Lund said.

Artist Craig Thomas said any artist, beginner or professional, can learn from Lund.

"Students will not only learn art technique, they will learn idea development," he said. "Grant is a highly experienced artist as well as an art teacher. He will move the artist to the next level."

Lund received his master of fine art in painting and printmaking at Brigham Young University. He earned a doctorate of art education from Penn State University.

Lund taught at Southeast Missouri State University for 28 years and was awarded the title of emeritus professor in 1999.

He is known in this area for designing the Jackson mural, the William Faulkner mural in Kent Library and the Stephen Hawking mural for the College of Science.

Lund said that recently he has been doing a lot of writing and research on art.

Art "is an opportunity to feel whole." he said. "So much of education deals with bits and pieces of isolated information, but art deals with relationships and helps you put everything together."

This four-part series is scheduled for April 24 to 29 at the Global Cafe on Broadway. The hands-on workshops will run from 5:15 to 7:45 p.m. and the cost is $10 a day or $35 for the entire series. For more information, call Craig Thomas at 573-225-7734.

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