Speak Out 4/17/08

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Socialized medicine

NO PRESIDENTIAL candidate that I know of favors truly socialized medicine as it is properly defined, though a lot of politicians and talking heads would like you to believe otherwise. However, having said that, the percentage of Americans who look with favor on the phrase "socialized medicine" is 45 percent. Not bad.

Fuel or food

WITH MORE and more foodstuffs being converted into energy, we will become much more fuel-efficient while, with the rising price of food, seeing our lives end as a result of starvation.

Good pork

IT'S LIKE I've always said. There's good pork, and there's bad pork. Unless someone can convince me otherwise, Missouri's 8th District has consistently always gotten good pork.

Wallowing in the mud

COLUMNIST CAL Thomas claimed John McCain is running an aboveboard campaign for the presidency. What a surprise. McCain is the the nominee of the GOP. He has no competition. Wait until the run-up to the general election. Like the Democratic candidates, McCain or his surrogates will be more than willing to try to become chief executive by wallowing in the mud.

Erase graffiti

IT WOULD be nice if the city could paint over the graffiti on the floodgate.

Message comes first

I AM a member of a semi-large church here in Cape Girardeau. The church offers a contemporary service every Sunday, and it is wonderful. There is wonderful music provided by the church band. The people are friendly. And, yes, I am entertained. However, this is not the reason I attend this church. I go because of the message that is preached every Sunday by the pastors. The "entertainment," as some of you put it, is a plus. Because of this type of service I believe that more younger people attend church. This world could use a younger generation with morals.

After-prom focus

TO ALL of the young women who will be attending their high school prom soon: I realize it's a special evening for you, and that's wonderful. But please let it end with the evening activities and don't attend church the next day in your prom attire. On Saturday evening it was all about you, but on Sunday morning it's not. It's about Christ and our focus should be on him alone, not you.

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