Speak out 4/14/08

Monday, April 14, 2008

Shopping and taxes

I HOPE the people of Cape Girardeau are happy with another sales tax increase. I will do as much shopping outside of Cape as I can. Cape has one of the highest sales taxes in the state. It looks like Jackson will see the rewards of Cape's vote.

Sign of the times

I READ where a Chaffee fireman resigned. Now the firefighters are all into it. Can't anybody get along anymore? I never have seen the like where people these days have a hard time getting along with one another. I guess this is a sign of the times as well. I hope not.

Identify the projects

MIKE JENSEN'S anti-earmarked legislation piece, in large part critical of U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson's votes in favor of pork, seemed lacking in one critical sense. If Mr. Jensen is going to criticize the congresswoman for using federal taxpayer dollars to bring pet projects to the 8th District, it seems incumbent on him to identify the specific projects to which he is referring and why these projects shouldn't have come via Washington in large part because of the congresswoman's efforts.

Better relations?

VOTERS OUSTED two longtime Three Rivers Community College board incumbents. Maybe a change in the relationship between TRCC and Southeast Missouri State University will follow. It is about time.

Not about business

THE BUSINESS of schools is not business. If I get a chance to attend Cape Girardeau's school summit, I will bluntly tell Gov. Matt Blunt that it is not the purpose of schools to tailor their curriculum to the needs of business. Rather, schools should teach students about a variety of core subjects and inspire in them a lifelong interest in learning. Making a school curriculum conform to crass business interests is unconscionable and counterproductive to a school's lofty mission.

Funeral processions

I THINK it's foolish to have a funeral procession on a highway like I-55. On divided highways it is unreasonable to expect people traveling from the other direction to pull over. If it's safe to pull over, then do so to show respect. I have traveled U.S. 61 many times and have been going the opposite direction of funeral processions and have had some close calls with fellow drivers wanting to pull over at all costs. Funerals are for the deceased, but the processions shouldn't cause harm to the living.

Storm water first

PLEASE FORGET the water park until we get the storm water under control.

Jackson results

THE RESULTS of the Jackson School Board election proved one thing. Jackson voters care most about coaching and sports. There's no concern to Jackson as long as you produce a winning program in a sport.

Great conservationists

THANK YOU running a good article about Wayne and Debbie Corse. They are wonderful conservationists, and they've also spent years educating students about conservation. Every year they have a special day at their house called "soar day" where they bring two grades of schoolkids and teach them all about conservation.

Union commitment

ARE ALL union members driving U.S.-made vehicles? Are you buying products with a "Made in U.S." label?

Plenty of heart

OUR COUNTRY has plenty of heart. We may be going through tough times right now, but we have heart as a country.

Family movies

SHAME ON the Associated Press for a bad review of "Leatherheads." It's a film that you could take a child age 10 and up and enjoy. There's really not many movies like that. What a shame to make movies like "Drillbit Taylor" that have cursing throughout. What's the point? "10,000 BC" is pretty violent at the end. Hat's off to George Clooney for keeping movies on a higher level than a lot of movies today. And who can't but love Renee Zellweger?

Eyesore junk

SOME OF you who are complaining that the city crews aren't cleaning up the tree limbs would do well to clean up around your house and quit stacking junk all over the place. That's an eyesore.

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