Speak Out 06/08/04

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Old-fashioned respect

RONALD REAGAN was and is what only few others can be. He was the ultimate leader. We should focus on his remembrance. I'm saddened that the media keeps on focusing on the negativity surrounding him. It's time that we start showing some old-fashioned respect for the greatest president of the 20th century.

Listen to all sides

MICHAEL MOORE certainly is a self-serving blowhard, but that doesn't mean the information he presents is necessarily false. I think he's doing a service. We should bring that film to Cape Girardeau. We should consider what it says very carefully. I know that the Fred Barrens' accusations against Moore have now been proven in Moore's favor. I think he's something like the muckrakers of a hundred years ago. This is America. Let's hear all views.

Real conservatives

SOME PEOPLE don't know what being a conservative really means. Just because you're a Republican doesn't mean you are a conservative. True conservatives would not tolerate the bloated deficit and profligate spending that the Republican Congress and the president are allowing. Real conservatives also want to limit government intrusion into our private lives.

Ranchito speeders

I WONDER if the city could start patrolling Ranchito Drive in Cape Girardeau. I was over at my mother's house on Memorial Day. She has to back her car into the driveway because of the speeders. I quit counting after 25 to 30 cars doing at least 50 mph passed. I don't know why the city won't run radar or at least try to slow people down.

Skimpy fashions

I WAS in a shopping center out of the city and was shocked at the fashions. You see girls with small skirts. I don't know what they're wearing under them, but they better not lean over. What also concerns me is that teenage pregnancy is on the rise. I would think some of these fashions would put young men's minds off being more productive in society.

Lessons from the past

IN THE summer of 1974, gas went from 35 cents a gallon to 70 cents. That doesn't sound like much today, but it hurt school budgets unexpectedly and kept going up. Many school boards need a refresher course to consider the past and current energy costs. Increases in administrators' salaries, positions and benefits must be controlled to protect school budgets. One school's gas went up $46,000, or 86.8 percent, for the year. Ask questions, get involved.

Keeping your cool

I READ with interest your latest article on rising costs of energy in the school systems. Why did the Cape Girardeau School District install air conditioning in all of the buildings if it didn't intend to use it? I'm sure the board office at 79 to 80 degrees is fine and keeps everyone nice and cool. Unfortunately, when you add 25 or more bodies in a room, the temperature rises quickly to a very uncomfortable level. If this is the case, why wouldn't we open windows just to get a little air flow? The cafeteria used to be frigid. Now it's intolerably hot. When students and teachers are fanning themselves inside an air-conditioned building, something's wrong. Just setting all thermostats the same does not make a comfortable environment.

It's fun for the Irish

THERE'S ANOTHER race used as mascots. Ever heard of the Fighting Irish? And guess what? The Irish know it's just a fun thing.

Parking is important

IN REGARD to the Southeast mascot, I wish people would concentrate on more important matters like parking for students.

Administrative fat

I'M A substitute teacher in the Cape Girardeau and Jackson school districts. I know a teacher's job is difficult. Teachers are overworked and grossly underpaid. I challenge anyone who criticizes teachers to take a day off your job and visit a school to see what goes on. We have way too many administrators in both districts. That's where we need to cut. I think it's time for taxpayers to support our teachers, but let's do something about this fat at the administrative level.

Kerry hater

DAVID LIMBAUGH is no better than the Bush haters. He is a Kerry hater.

Mosquitos in Jackson

I CANNOT believe the article about there being no mosquitos in Jackson. Mayor Paul Sander should come sit in our neighborhood some evening. We try hard to keep standing water away, but still cannot sit out because of being eaten alive by the mosquitos.

What teachers hear

I WISH every parent had to listen to some of the nonsense that teachers have to put up with, both from the students and the parents who blindly take the side of their children.

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