Out of the past 6/7/04

Monday, June 7, 2004

10 years ago: June 7, 1994

Cape Girardeau voters turn down 37-cent tax increase earmarked for building improvements at city's schools; ballot issue loses by 176 votes; school district had asked voters to waive property-tax rollback provided by Proposition C, state sales tax for education.

Cape Girardeau Parks Development Foundation kicks off first-ever capital campaign for city's parks; campaign hopes to raise $500,000 to supplement city funding of two major projects at Shawnee and Osage parks.

25 years ago: June 7, 1979

To repeated applause of 700-plus people who paid $25 or $100 a plate at Holiday Inn Racquet Club last night, potential presidential candidate Ronald Reagan zeroed in on one basic theme: Government is not the answer to nation's problems; government is the problem.

Severe thunderstorm, accompanied by winds traveling at 50 to 60 miles per hour, rips through Jackson and Fruitland area, causing damage to homes and downing tree limbs and power lines; most severe property damage is done in Greenbriar Meadows Subdivision, off Route W near Fruitland.

50 years ago: June 7, 1954

Two capacity crowds -- official ticket count shows 9,274, greatest number of people ever to see single entertainment feature in Cape Girardeau history -- laugh and thrill, applaud and sit with bated breath at panorama of color and action spread before them at The Missourian's Golden Anniversary Circus at Houck Stadium.

Robert Goza, 62, of Jackson area, sustains fractures of pelvis when horse falls on him; he had been plowing corn with his team and at noon attempts to ride one of horses to his house; as he starts to mount, horse moves forward.

75 years ago: June 7, 1929

If result of examination of nearly 100 children at pre-school clinic held at Central High School yesterday is true indication of general condition, nearly one half of younger children in Cape Girardeau have defective tonsils and teeth that need attention; there is also surprising evidence of malnutrition.

Perryville Chamber of Commerce has voted to inaugurate drive to sell $20,000 stock required to secure a milk-cooling plant of Mid-Continent Dairy Products Co.; plant will cost between $30,000 and $40,000 and will be subsidiary to Cape Girardeau condensery now under construction.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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