Letter to the Editor

Equip soldiers, bring them home

Monday, June 7, 2004

To the editor:

While enjoying that idyllic moment in the morning where one sips a cup of coffee and watches the news, I heard the story of a World War II veteran who landed on Omaha Beach. CNN presented numerous facts and statistics; however, I remember only one. While panning across old newsreel footage of the landing, the veteran recalled that, out of the 188 men in his landing craft, only 16 came off the beach alive.

The men and women of World War II and every conflict in this country's history command respect regardless of political viewpoint. Through memorials and oral tradition, Americans shouldn't forget these soldier's bravery. Our military men and women earned that idyllic coffee moment for all of us. However, I dream of a day when we aren't creating new veterans. I dream of day when the 188 men in the landing craft all come home to their families and loved ones safely. I dream of the day when the leaders of our country value life more than "Mission Accomplished" banners.

Write your representatives in Congress. Tell them to give our soldiers the equipment they need. Tell them to provide bulletproof vests to all of our infantry. Tell them to make the president create a plan to bring our soldiers home.


Cape Girardeau