Letter to the Editor

Bush - Honorable and passionate

Monday, June 7, 2004

To the editor:

According to Alan Journet's recent letter, if I support President Bush I am ignorant, self-delusional and lack intellectual integrity.

What babbling.

The problem is that those lies have been flung around so long that those who hate the president believe them, and Journet is now guilty of the very thing he opines in his own letter.

Over the years, I have found that the media have become lazy. I became suspect of what was being written. It was my responsibility to become an informed citizen.

I am a subscriber of this newspaper, but I have much more available to me for news sources: Fox News Channel, the Internet, bloggers, news magazines, books and a friend who lived in Iraq and knew firsthand of Saddam Hussein's atrocities.

Journet's letter smacks of laziness as well. He has taken the liberal talking points to himself without discernment or investigation. Obviously he has not personally listened to Rush Limbaugh, who talked about the prisoners-of-war situation. In fact, Journet's comment is quite comical in view of the discussion and discourse on Rush's program that ensued for several days.

Supporting our president is the least an American citizen should do. Was this not the cry of liberals regarding an impeached president who remained in office?

President Bush is an honorable man of integrity, passion and bravery and possesses leadership to wage this war against evil. Being informed has led me to a greater support of Bush, his administration, our troops and our nation.


Cape Girardeau