Letter to the Editor

Flip-flops occur in both parties

Friday, June 4, 2004

To the editor:

Jonah Goldberg's column, "Flip-flopping identity," says John Kerry and all Democrats are flip-floppers on certain issues. I say the Republicans and President Bush are just as bad.

Bush has many flip-flops in his record: March 19, 2002, Bush opposes Department of Homeland Security; June 6, 2002, Bush supports Department of Homeland Security. Oct. 3, 2000, Bush opposes nation building; March 6, 2003, Bush supports nation building. May 23, 2002, Bush opposes creation of 9-11 commission; Sept. 20, 2003, Bush supports creation of 9-11 commission.

This list continues on many other issues as well: weapons of mass destruction, gay marriage, time to be spent at 9-11 commission, Condaleezza Rice to meet in public with 9-11 commission, free trade, working with United Nations, working with NATO and the environment.

So both men and parties flip and flop on issues.


Cape Girardeau