Letter to the Editor

Report pet abuse to the authorities

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

To the editor:

Regarding "Dogs confiscated from Jackson man await adoption": I was not surprised that the man received no jail time or fine for the abuse of animals. Did anyone else wonder what happened to the two chained dogs that disappeared after the authorities had investigated the property? Why is this man considered responsible enough to have even one dog after how he cared for his dogs?

Looking back, a previous story on dogs and dog breeding said we should see the parents of the pups we purchase and see the conditions they live before we slap down the dollars to support poor breeding practices. Here is an example why.

Pet abuse and neglect are more prevalent than we know in our communities. Thank you for this wake-up call. I hope residents who abuse pets find it in their hearts to change. If not, I hope their neighbors start calling the authorities so they can do something about it.

Animal abuse and human violence are often related. Let's hope the courts see the connection.


Zalma, Mo.