Plan major downtown makeover for Maryville

Friday, May 28, 2004

MARYVILLE, Mo. (AP) -- The financing still needs to be worked out, but a task force has come up with a $2.4 million plan for revitalizing Maryville's downtown.

The work began last August with visits to Jefferson City, Macon and Savannah to see what had been done there, and the final plans and cost estimates approved recently by the task force were presented to the City Council this week.

The project includes new sidewalks, pavement, streetlights, benches and decorative lighting around the Nodaway County Courthouse square. In addition, new plazas are planned for the courthouse lawn and surrounding area.

Mark Gregg, co-chairman of the task force, said the council will decide on June 15 whether to proceed with the project.

"Before we have to start tearing up sidewalks, we need their blessing first," he said.

Gregg said now that the cost estimates are finalized, fund-raising efforts will begin soon. A date for the start of construction is expected to be announced within 30 days.

A committee has already secured $7,600 towards a mural near the Nodaway Valley Bank, and painting is to start in June.

"We've gotten a lot accomplished since August," Gregg said. "As long as we continue at the pace we've been working at and keep the support, we'll be able to continue on with this and get it done."

Information from: Maryville Daily Forum

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