Speak Out 5/28/04

Friday, May 28, 2004

Incredible talent

WOW, I went to the wonderful production "Noye's Fludde" by the SEMO Music Academy. Thank you for the best hour of entertainment of the year. What incredible talent we have in this area and a delight to see.

Speak English

I'M GLAD our newspaper had the guts to run the article on speaking English. My grandparents came here from Germany, and we're not speaking German. I think everyone coming into this country should either learn to speak English or leave.

Teaching nutrition

WHEN KIDS are overweight, sometimes they are from poor homes where it's hard enough for the parents to cope with a living and hanging on day to day. Perhaps the schools should be offering nutrition classes if this is something we've decided that's as important as driver's education. Nutrition is usually covered in health classes.

Divisive radio

GARY RUST'S comments about Air America were partly right and partly wrong. It is true that the network has some shows like Randi Rhodes that do nothing but attack. Rhodes does nothing to bridge the gap that divides left and right. But Rush Limbaugh isn't one bit better. He's possibly worse in his own way of continuous attacks and twisting of the facts. He's just as divisive and disrespectful of liberals as she is of conservatives. None of these people is doing the public discourse any good. But Laura Flanders (Air America on Saturday nights) is intelligent and respectful, something very rare in talk radio on the right.

Tax buildup

NO MATTER how worthy the cause, an eighth-cent here, a quarter-cent there, a half-cent elsewhere, and before you know it you've got a huge sales tax on top of the reoccurring reassessment of property.

Large quantities

We don't use 10 gallons of antifreeze or 10 gallons of orange juice or 10 gallons of ice cream. That is no comparison to gasoline. Give me a break.

Driving habits

I KEEP hearing about gasoline prices going up, but I refuse to complain about the cost of gas until I see people changing their driving habits. Instead of acting like there's a drag race at every stop sign and red light, they should start driving with some common sense and energy efficiency in mind. And car manufacturers should quit adding more and more horsepower. Motorists don't need all that horsepower.

Efficient supplies

AS WE drive gas-guzzling SUVs and families have multiple cars, our demand for gasoline is higher, which should cause our prices to be higher. Our prices are low because we have the most efficient supply system in the world.

Reckless driving

WE'RE TOLD exceeding the speed limit is speeding and speeding is reckless. Not necessarily so. Drinking and driving is reckless. Unskilled or diminished skilled driving is reckless. Driving angry is reckless. Getting caught for speeding is merely a huge revenue generator, both for law enforcement and insurance companies. Now we're going to videotape highways and intersections and generate revenue by mail. Easy money, that's all it is.

Doesn't make sense

I DON'T understand this country's value system. We pay professional ball players millions of dollars, and they don't contribute anything to society but entertainment. We pay police who risk their lives every day little to nothing for it and don't give them any appreciation. That seems a little messed up to me. My husband is a police officer. He is definitely underappreciated. Everyone wants to complain about his pay, but when they need him they sure expect him to be there.

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