Letter to the Editor

War supporters believe the lies

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

To the editor:

Defending the Bush war for global domination is becoming increasingly difficult without promoting lies or absurd arguments. Twice now, Gary Rust has embedded his promotion of lies by offering them as reprinted letters. This offense against reason is only exceeded by Rush Limbaugh's likening the humiliation and torture of Iraqi prisoners to harmless fraternity pranks resulting from soldiers needing to let off a little steam.

Despite the lies spread by Bush and the White House, we know that Saddam Hussein's Iraq was not responsible in any way for the 9-11 terrorist attacks and had no relationship with al-Qaida. These two justifications for invading Iraq are as false as the claim that Iraq weapons of mass destruction posed a threat to the United States. We now know these did not exist. Only folks who are ignorant of recent news or who lack intellectual integrity would promote these lies to support George Bush.

The Bush war is both promoting terrorism throughout the world and has brought chaos to Iraq. We now find democracy in Iraq is as far away now as it was two years ago, and Hussein's prisoner abuse chambers continued under a White House whose policies are responsible for the gross breaches of the Geneva conventions on the treatment of prisoners. As more prisoners are released, we realize that humiliation was imposed upon many innocent civilians.

Sadly, supporting Bush on Iraq requires ignorance. It is difficult to imagine how anyone can maintain such support without self-delusion.


Cape Girardeau