FanSpeak 5/23/04

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Shame in Jackson

THE ADMINISTRATION and school board of Jackson should be ashamed for the way they handled the boys basketball coaching situation in the high school. They listened to the minority and not the majority. Then to compound matters, they overlooked a very successful JV coach. I hope the administration and the school board realize what an injustice they have done.


WHO WROTE the Cardinals' headline for Monday ("Cards end a win short of the limit, drop finale to Marlins")? Someone from accounting?

The headline referred to the fishing limit.

The good ol' days

I KNEW a high school baseball coach who bellowed and cursed his team to a state championship. Boys who were around this coach became men. Prudes who put down a well-timed curse word by a coach have far too delicate sensibilities.

Maybe humility is a virtue

THIS IS just a word of wisdom to some of these young players coming up at the high school ranks who are getting to play up on the varsity. If you're wondering why people don't seem too supportive of your efforts and too happy for your successes when you get pulled up and you're playing above your real grade level and so on, maybe it's because of your attitude. Maybe it's because you bragged on yourself and talked about how wonderful you are. Maybe you swaggered around just a little too much and you've got past confident and into the area of cocky and maybe some of your comments to your teammates have gotten back to the adults and maybe we're just sick and tired of your attitude. And as far as your parents who don't understand why nobody supports you, maybe they ought to look at their own actions and yours as well.

Cardinals: A .500 club

THIS PERTAINS to St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. People are going to have to realize they're a .500 club. They're not going to beat Houston. Houston is going to end up in the World Series. They might as well try to regroup a couple years down the road and get some good players.

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