Letter to the Editor

Students learn to love newspaper

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

To the editor:

I am a special education teacher and wish to express my appreciation for the weekly newspapers you have provided for my class this past school year. The life skills my students have gained from our weekly newspaper activities have been invaluable.

All of my high school students have learned how to use the paper effectively. They know where and how to look for jobs, cars and apartments. They have learned to distinguish world, national, state and local headlines and much more.

Their comments regarding the value of your papers are as follows: "I like finding out what is going on in the world." "I've learned how to find things in the paper." "I've really enjoyed Sam DeReign and the Class of 2Morrow articles."

And, finally, my personal favorite: "I used to hate to read the paper, but now I love it."

Thank you again for your wonderful contribution to my students.


Cape Girardeau School District

Cape Girardeau