Everybody's a critic - 'New York Minute'

Friday, May 14, 2004

One star (out of four)

I went in to watch "New York Minute" not expecting much. I was right.

The movie stars Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as twin sisters Roxy and Jane who are completely different and don't get along at all. Roxy is skipping school so she can go to a video shoot and Jane is supposed to give a speech in hopes of getting into Oxford.

Needless to say, they meet several obstacles, including a truancy officer played by Eugene Levy.

The comedic timing was off and the flow of the movie was very choppy. In the end, after surviving a car chase, being kidnapped by a man who thinks he is Chinese (Andy Richter) and meeting two cute boys, the girls each get to their destination, get what they want and, of course, discover that they love and need each other.

- Carrie Lloyd, retail sales

One star (out of four)

I am somewhat new to movie reviews, but after sitting through this movie, and looking back on my life, I thought to myself, "I really must have done something wrong and have just been punished for it." Case in point, this movie is bad.

I thought that I was just biased toward a movie that absolutely had nothing going for it other than the fact that the Olsen twins star in it.

First off, the acting is comparable to that of the show that made the Olsen twins household names, "Full House." Yeah, it's that bad.

The story follows the two girls as they run into a series of mishaps and misadventures during one full day.

Two words sum up this movie: "predictable" and more importantly, "boring." The Olsen twins should be ashamed of themselves for this one.

- Eric Krauss, student/security guard

One star (out of four)

Unfortunately, "New York Minute" does not live up to the fast pace promised in the title. In fact, the storyline is doomed to drag through a worn-out scenario.

The Olsen twins, daughters of a widowed doctor, are exact opposites. One of the sisters is a rebellious punk rock musician while the other is an obsessive-compulsive overachiever, setting the stage for the sisters to disagree on most issues.

On the way to a scholastic speech that Miss Overachiever is to present, the girls manage to become entangled in an international smuggling operation. Imagine that!

The plot is unrealistic, but what's worse is that it never reaches the quality of good fantasy either. Anyone who plans to take a little sister to see this one should remember to buy lots of buttery popcorn and candy bars. The sugar and carbs might at least provide some sort of rush. The movie certainly won't.

- John Hart, student/security guard

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