Backup your data before it's too late

Saturday, May 15, 2004

In today's business world more tasks are accomplished by computerized processes than ever before. Almost all bookkeeping can and is being done by programs run on your office computer. Email plays a major role in the way most businesses today conduct daily business.

What happens when you come into work after a relaxing weekend and turn on the computer only to see the "Non-System Disk replace with system disk and strike any key," message? If you have taken time to protect your valuable data you can be up and running again quickly, if not you will not be so fortunate. Valuable data that your business relies on may be damaged or worse gone forever!

There are many methods that can be used to back up important data. How you back up your data will depend on the type of data to back up and the quantity of that data. Three-and-a-half-inch floppies, once the main media for backing up small quantities of data, are almost a thing of the past.

Most major computer companies are eliminating the drive for this media as they sell new computers to their customers. USB Key drives, External Hard Drives, Tape Drives and remote data backup are all options that any business today can turn to for data backup.

You consult your IT department or provider immediately to discover what type of backup solution best suits your needs.

The type of data to back up is often difficult to assess and therefore have a reliable data backup plan for. The usual types of data that I see backups made of include but are not limited to: accounting files, email addresses, emails, documents, spreadsheets, inventories, and data files from specific programs used in industries like real estate and insurance sales.

To obtain information on how to back up your Outlook Express Address Book and Folders go to, follow the links to the activity you wish to perform and follow the steps listed. To back up Outlook follow this link . For my friends and readers who use Eudora this link will take you to simple instructions to back up your files

An alternative is to use a program to perform the backup of your data. Outlook Express Backup Wizard is a program that I have used and found to work well, it can be found at The trial version of the software is free but it does cost $39.95 to buy.

Another option that is available is remote data backup. Iron Mountain is one of the leaders in remote data backup. They have been providing this service for many years and one of their main locations has belonged to the company since 1951. To get to their Web page simply go to

Regardless of how you back up your data, computer failures, viruses, theft, and other forces of nature require that you take time now to protect your valuable data. Don't let a failure to plan lead to a failure of your business.

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