Bankruptcies for May 2004

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Bankruptcies filed through May 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.


Baldwin, Rickie J. and Sandra L.10629
Brannon, Melissa G. 10752
Cookson, Scott W. 10616
James, Jason 10611
Johnson, Bruce A. and Karen S. 10754
Pyle, Alma M. 10614
Slinkard, Mary R. M. 10608
Stevens, Misty R. and Jerry L. 10592
Yount, Anthony E. and Tina M. 10697


Armor, Timothy L.10577
Arndt, Roberta A. 10716
Brower, LeRoy C. and Karen A. 10698
Buffington, Rachel A. 10662
Burris, Roger G. and Stacy L. 10601
Cashion, Joyce L. 10663
Cook, Alberta J. 10600
DeCourley, James L. and Kelly A. 10718
Dillinger, Amanda B. 10703
Edwards, Loretta J. 10603
Hopkins, Valerie M. 10717
Lack, Chasity D. 10602
Lawson, Kristi D. 10667
Lourance, Jody L. 10683
Moore, Robert L. and Judy A. 10699
Stage, Ronald D. and Anna L. 10702
Stephens, Paul M. and Georgina M. 10704
Sullivan, Timothy W. and Rhonda M. 10705
Wilcox, Charles L. 10715


Beussink, Duane L.10620
Bingham, Jordan S. 10679
Bowling, James M. and Andrea J. 10762
Brewer, Angela K. 10594
Burchyett, Shonda 10606
Callier, Larry J. and Edna I. 10672
Clubb, Christopher D. 10732
Fluegge, Robbie M. 10647
Frick, Jeffrey A. 10658
Gregory, Bradley D. and Teresa L. 10657
Grigsby, Phyllis E. 10724
Harper, Franklin J. and Wendi J. 10589
Headrick, Mary E. 10763
Hoffman, Jerome F. and Jacqueline S. 10621
Kellum, Flelicia A. 10587
Kemper, Eugene S. and Diana L. 10673
Logan, Audrey J. 10776
Masterson, Crystal D. 10764
Mayberry, Danny L. 10678
McCarty, Donna 10684
McDonough, Bobby J. 10768
Niswonger, Stephen L. and Tina M. 10695
Owens, Michael V. and Tammy M. 10765
Penfield, Joshua R. 10687
Pratcher, Michael L. and Judy L. 10760
Simmons, Thomas M. and Marlya M. 10597
Spencer, Anthony R. and Connie D. 10723
Strop, Jimmie and Della M. 10712
Sullivan, Stan G. 10591
Switzer, Karen L. 10743
Troy, Mark J. 10674
Welker, Conda S. 10725
Wilder, Violet S. 10681
Williams, Jeffrey A. and Barbara L. 10719
Wolfenkoehler, Shane W. 10582


Lavender, Jimmy E. and Maryann T.10749


Asher, Wanda M.10646
Conrad, John S. 10742
Dennis, Mark A. 10639
Hutsell, Sheila L. 10612
Jackson, Randall D. and Darlene S. 10641
Johnson, David S. 10701
Knotts, Sharon 10613
McElwrath, Tommy W. and Angela D. 10636
Murphy, Pauline E. and Harold B. 10690
Parker, Charles R. and Hilda A. 10651
Smith, Earl E. and Sandra L. 10711
Taylor, Easter 10691
Usrey, Larry D. 10634
Vaughan, Brenda K. 10692
Walker, James and Linda 10737
Washington, Johna S. 10627


Colaneri, Minnie M. 10671
Dettling, Sarah L. 10720
Lindsey, Travis G. and Connie S. 10596
Parker, Devin 10609
Pickert, Melvin F. and Rosalie N. 10729
Roach, Clifford D. and Stacey L. 10728
Ryan, Deborah K. 10721
Sales, Angela S. 10730


Beasley, Craig 10624
Buchanan, Glenda F. 10630
Campbell, Walter J. 10706
Hinton, Roy G. 10623
Johnson, Charles and Alberta 10738
Lovins, Krystal 10740
Lyons, Carmen 10735
McKinney, Verlin and Sandra 10783
Roach, Harvey F. and Evelyn 10785
Sherrod, Joseph D. and Deanna R. 10655
Stanford, Willburn H. and Martha E. 10659
Tanner, Christopher and Carolyn 10739
Taylor, Denson J. and LaDonna L. 10714
Tollison, Larry W. and Linda J. 10781
Woodall, Debra D. 10615
Woody, Ellen L. 10746
Zuck, Kathy 10626


Berger, Robert P. and Gina A. 10578
Brown, Peggy L. 10579
Gilmer, Ronald L. and Christine M. 10576
Hoff, Harold S. and Julie A. 10731
Hudson, Nathan E. and Jennifer D. 10660
Schremp, Greg A. and Beverly A. 10727
Willis, Cynthia L. 10767


Adams, Joseph and Shannon 10736
Ballard, Donna M. 10588
Bird, G. David and Peggy M. 10748
Borgfield, Gary L. 10761
Clodfelter, Ruth A. 10696
Cook, D. 10575
Davis, Rodney L. 10741
Evans, Diane M. 10722
Evans, Robin S. and Yvonne G. 10709
Ford, Anthony W. 10755
Gentry, Jeromy E. 10593
Harden, Carl L. 10661
Hayden, Lola L. 10584
Holder, Jason D. and Jennifer L. 10766
Ivy, Yolanda M. 10581
Keller, Jamie L. 10734
Kelley, Robert D. 10607
Kinder, Shirley A. 10590
Kitchen, Herbert A. and Belinda M. 10669
Lowman, David R. and Nicole L. 10782
Masterson, Thomas E. 10745
McKnight, Beulah M. 10605
Moore, Katherine M. 10726
Moore, Marshall B. and Wanda J. 10574
Morefield, Everett E. and Mary F. 10635
Ruff, Marvin D. and Sandra D. 10653
Sevic, Donna N. 10654
Thompson, Dennis W. and Stephanie G. 10598
Tucker,, Roderick U. and Helena S. 10618


Bacon, Thomas W. 10787
Baxter, Floyd W. and Sheila M. 10625
Chestnut, L. and Janice M. 10707
Childers, Terry J. and Deanna G. 10708
Dinkins, Dallas D. and Linda S. 10786
Dodson, Derek and Sheila 10675
Faries, Billy A. 10583
Fowler, Jeremy D. and Sherri D. 10777
Green, Allie B. 10772
Grindstaff, Christopher L. and Holly E. 10770
Gulley,Michael L. and Teresa M. 10779
Hurst, Charity A. 10758
Jackson, Daniel S. and Carrie L. 10688
Jackson, Laura M. 10744
Keeler, Glenn E. 10733
Kirkman, David A. 10648
Kirkman, Jimmie W. and Sherri M. 10628
Mason, Bobby J. and Patricia L. 10650
Patterson, Sammy and Lena M. 10774
Pruett, Delbert L. and Judy A. 10757
Pry, Billy J. 10759
Reese, Danny L. 10676
Rhodes, James C. 10771
Shell, Cynthia D. 10780
Shepard, David A. 10773
Stephens, Claude D. and Linda R. 10656
Summers, Gary W. and LaTricia A. 10694
Swinford, Gary W. and Sally A. 10713
Vandiver, Jeffrey A. and Sharon D. 10677
Walpole, Billy W. and Tayna R. 10756
Warren, Christopher A. and Vessa L. 10686


Allen, Marcus J.10599
Crutchfield, Jessie B. and Polly D. 10682
Dalton, Kelly D. 10610
Davis, David A. and Kelly J. 10664
Palmer, Lori A. 10751
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