Historic buildings seen as treasure in Cape Giraradeau

Monday, May 10, 2004

A tour of Cape Girardeau reveals pieces of history from more than half a century ago.

National Historic Preservation Week begins today and evidence of the importance of this emphasis can be seen year round in "Cape's Original Treasures."

Historically or architecturally significant properties that have been maintained or restored and are at least 50 years old receive the designation from the Cape Girardeau Historic Preservation Committee.

Yard signs, apparent to passersby, recognize property owners' time and effort, and the resources expended to restore, maintain or enhance historic properties. The properties are not required by the commission to be restored to their original state but will not be recognized if original architectural designs have been eliminated by new construction. To nominate a property, call Barbara Port at 335-1429.

This quarter's list includes:

220 Independence, formerly Whitfield's Fine Dining, built in 1885 and for sale by owners Ron and Alma Staten.

115, 115A, 117, 117A and 119 N. Ellis, "Mildred" Apartments, built in 1912 and owned by John and Doris Hilpert.

242 N. Ellis, built in 1892 by Phillip Stoll and owned and rented by Jay at Shiloh LLC.

233 Independence, Old Woolen Mill property, built in 1930 and owned by Kermit Meystedt.

31 N. Fountain, built sometime between 1906 and 1920 and owned by Carol Heitman.

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