Speak Out B 05/08/04

Sunday, May 9, 2004

Worthwhile effort

I WOULD like to commend the staff, teachers and students of the Cape Girardeau Alternative Education Center on Ranney Street. I had the opportunity to meet Mike Dorris, the school's director, and take a short tour. I was very impressed by what I heard and saw. I am proud that our school system provides this option for kids who struggle in the conventional system. These are smart kids who have issues of one sort or another but are making a commitment to their education. I applaud Dorris and all involved at the school.

POWs in harm's way

THE NEWS media now have put our own POWs in harm's way by releasing what a few did very wrong. Behavior unbecoming of a soldier has happened, not the war crimes as the media puts it. I believe the media could very easily fall into a classification of being labeled as traitors.

Stand up for rights

SOMEONE COMMENTED that it was a waste of time to go to court to fight a traffic violation. The point of going there is to show them you are not afraid to stand up to them. Don't pay for something you are not guilty of. It's because some people are afraid that officials think they can get away with anything.

Supportive reviews

I CAN'T understand why anyone would be upset with reviews written by Kathryn Alfisi. She is consistently supportive and relatively soft when offering her critiques. Saying all performing arts are great means that there is no standard of excellence to strive for. That doesn't support the arts. I wish she were more direct and honest about her criticism. "Cats" is bad 1980s music.

Time to move on

SOMEONE HELP me understand this. Many national, state and local organizations and most Native Americans do not want "Indians" used as nicknames or mascots. So what's to discuss? This borders on the ridiculous. This reminds me of grade school. Red Hawks we are. Let's move on.

Stop PC nonsense

THE SOUTHEAST Missouri State University nicknames red hawks or red wolves don't excite me at all. SEMO should choose its battles and stop trying to always be politically correct.

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