Speak Out 04/30/04

Friday, April 30, 2004

Family entertainment

I WOULD like to thank the Show Me Center for its recent offerings of the Ringling Brothers Circus and the touring musical "Cats." This is outstanding family entertainment. I hope more will be offered in the future.

Outstanding articles

THANK YOU for an outstanding series of articles on autism. Making the public aware of the disorder will lead to a better understanding of the problem as well as the 24/7 attention required for autistic children. I hope this type of coverage will lead to more intense funding for research to eradicate this disorder. The articles certainly give many parents hope. Both Callie Clark and Bob Miller should be commended for an outstanding job.

Thanks for the help

THANK THE airport and Cape Girardeau Fire Department for being there when my son and two others had a tire problem while landing.

Community can help

Thank you for the stories about autism. I think people need to be educated as much as possible. There are no physical characteristcs of autism. People in our community need to know so if an autistic child walks toward danger, we can help. I have a neighbor who is autistic. She runs away all the time. The neighborhood knows if she is outside to watch her. Thanks for sharing.

Minds are made up

THE POLITICALLY correct powers that be have already decided what the new Southeast Missouri State University mascot will be. Why try to make us think the opinions to be solicited at the public forums will be considered? They have already limited the possible choices. Did anyone actually read and count the responses received on the Web site? Who gave this group such power?

Other Indian mascot

SINCE SOUTHEAST Missouri State University has embarked upon doing the correct thing with the retiring of the "Indian" nickname and mascot, will Jackson School District be up to the challenge?

Nation of laws

GARY RUST likes quotes. So do I. "The U.S. is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced."

Both are correct

UNDER OUR nation's system of democracy the two major political parties spend most of their time trying to prove that the other party is not fit to rule. Both are correct.

Chilling reference

DAVID LIMBAUGH'S casual reference to the "exclusive truths" of Christianity was chillingly reminiscent of firebrand medieval religious fanatics who supported the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition.

Flashing stoplight

SOME MOTORISTS need to take driver's education. Nothing is more annoying than seeing a line of cars in front of you stopping at an intersection when there is a blinking yellow light. You should only stop if the light is blinking red.

Replace the lids

There seems to be a debate over what type of trash can is best or if one should even be used. The trash cans are not the problem. It is the workers who do not put the lids back on the cans who cause the lids to blow into the streets.

Who will appease me?

This nation, despite widespread opinion, is not politically correct. The public tries so hard to appease and not offend gays, pro-abortionists, feminists, atheists and anti-Catholics. But what about me? I'm more than offended by gay marriages, abortion, atheism and anti-Catholicism. Who's going to appease me?

Imaginary improvement

I'M A young man, and I hate those loud and annoying coffee-can mufflers. Auto engineers spend many hours tuning the factory exhaust for airflow, economy, emissions and sound. And then ricers (as they're known on the street) think that a new muffler will increase performance, which is false. The only thing that increases is imaginary horsepower.

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