Letter to the Editor

'Bad' part of town comes to rescue

Friday, April 30, 2004

To the editor:

On the afternoon of April 19 I was on my way to work in Cape Girardeau.

As I got to the intersection by Don's 24 Hour Store, my vehicle ran out of gas. I had always been told that this was a bad part of town, and I was scared to death to be stranded there.

Eventually, I saw a police car approaching and knew that my wait for help was over.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

This police officer just kept on going like everyone else.

I had my hazard lights on, the light was green, it was my turn to go and my vehicle wasn't moving. How many more clues were needed to show I was in need of help?

Finally, a man stopped. He had passed me earlier and saw I was still there. He hollered at a man at JP's auto sales to help him push me across the street to Don's. I put gas in my SUV and tried to start it, but the battery was dead. There was another group of people there who did not hesitate to help me. We got my jumper cables out, and they fixed my problem.

Just before I left I made the comment that maybe I should have just stayed home. One of the men who helped me said, "Whenever I say that I try to find what our Master is trying to tell me." I think I was being told to slow down and not depend on a police officer for help. I am beginning to think this part of town isn't so bad after all.


Cypress, Ill.