United Commercial Travelers Council 534 elects officers

Thursday, April 29, 2004

United Commercial Travelers Council 534 recently held a meeting at the Cape Girardeau Public Library. Janice Dettmann was elected delegate and Ray Seyer an alternate. Other voting members included M.E. Daume, grand counselor; Jobyna Daume, past grand counselor; Luella Armstrong, grand executive committee; Ted Dettmann, grand executive committee; Gilbert Winschel, junior grand counselor; Van Arden Sander, grand examining finance committee; Rosemary Sander, past grand counselor; Dorothy Points, past grand counselor and grand charitable activities.

At the meeting it was voted upon by the membership to donate $500 to Operation Troop Support.

The Missouri Grand Council meeting will be held May 20 to 22 in St. Louis.

UCT is a nonprofit fraternal benefit society offering members various insurance products and other benefits for more than a century. UCT also pursues community service activities including youth programs, public safety and drug awareness campaigns, cancer education and prevention, and aid to people with mental retardation.

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