Letter to the Editor

Deciding what's politically correct

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

To the editor:

The reason we cannot cheer "Let's go, Indians!" and the reason there are no shirts with "Indians" on them is because of the Southeast Missouri State University administration and no one else. I can most certainly go to a game and yell "Go, Indians!" I'm very capable of it. In fact, I probably have a few times. They still call the baseball team the "Tribe" in all forms of media as well as at the games over the public address system. The administration has had a tough time deciding when it is or is not politically correct to use the name. I agree that if Native American ancestors feel that being honored with this distinction isn't a good thing, then rename Capaha Park, Shawnee Park, Trail of Tears State Park and any other thing in this community that bears the name of any Native American tribe.


Cape Girardeau