FanSpeak 4/18/04

Sunday, April 18, 2004


I'D LIKE to comment on the player of the year award in the Southeast Missourian, Domintrix Johnson. No wonder he was a marked man, having Bell City spelled on his uniform with the city spelled c-t-i-y.

We need a batting cage

I WANT to know why Cape Girardeau is unable to provide a well-prepared batting cage? As of April 16, the cages are unprepared for our youths, who will be participating in the baseball program offered by the community. Jackson has no problem in getting this done. They have a very nice cage next to their pool, equipped with carpet, mats and base. What is the problem, Cape Girardeau? We have enough banks on just about every street; why no cage? Don't you people know that our greatest asset is our children, not the lame excuses of convience or yard cleanliness? Let the child light the way. Cape Girardeau, open your wallet to the children.

Recognition not fair

I'M READING your April 8 paper, and you listed the All-Southeast Missourian girls team. You included Lauren Lueders, who I think is an excellent player, a fantastic player, by the way; and she's on the girls team. She played for a boys team. No offense to Lauren, I think she's excellent, but if she's going to compete with the boys, compete against the boys. She ought to be named to the boys team. I do not think that's fair.

La Russa's managing

WHY IS Matt Morris throwing complete games in April? Just like last year, his best pitcher will be done by September, and Tony La Russa will be scratching his head, laying blame elsewhere.

Bring back the Babe

I JUST saw where Barry Bonds was recognized for his 660th career home run amid all the steroid controversy. Why don't they just quit reporting that news because we don't want to hear it. They're not real athletes; they're just steroid monsters. They're not like Babe Ruth and the old people who really got there the honest way. They're trying to make themselves look better than these people when these people didn't have those things to use. If you can't do it without drugs, just get out of the game. We're real baseball fans. We don't want to see that.

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