Speak Out 04/14/04

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Beautiful display

CONGRATULATIONS TO Maxine Boren. She did it again. The Easter display in her yard on Sherwood Drive is just absolutely beautiful. Thanks again, Maxine. We enjoy it.

Negative history

THE WORD Indian is a slang term created by the white man. Those of you who compare the Southeast Missouri State University mascot with the Trail of Tears name obviously don't know your history. The Trail of Tears is the official name for the forced removal by the government.

Younger workers

IN RESPONSE to the article "Missouri program pays seniors to go back to work": The story was about persons 55 or older seeking work. What about those who are younger and want to do something but can't due to an injury? There should be a program for us.

Attack critics

THERE WAS a comment that said that we should take something from the Spanish investigators who solved their bombing so quickly. We solve crimes quickly. Look at our history. Critics want us to prevent attacks without doing anything. They blame people after the attack and blame people when they try to prevent future ones.

Trash raiders

I AM a firm believer in "One man's trash is another man's treasure," but I am extremely upset that someone trashed our spring cleanup pile. Not only did they dump over one of our trash cans and throw garbage that was not ours all over, they stole one of our trash cans. If you want to rummage in my garbage, at least have the common courtesy to respect my property.

Players won't improve

IF THE Southeast Missouri State University administration, athletic department and booster club think that changing the school's nickname and mascot will bring more school spirit and excitement to the area, think again. Changing the nickname won't help the teams win championships. Having someone dance around in a costume won't help the players perform any better. It really doesn't matter if we're the Indians and Otahkians or the Red Hawks or the Red Wolves. The nickname might sell more merchandise, but it won't help the athletes perform.

Driving woes

I THINK it is so funny that I can spend an entire day in St. Louis shopping, eating and driving around and not once get irritated or upset with other drivers. When I make a short 5-mile trip to work in the morning or a short trip to the gas station in Cape Girardeau, I've got my hand on the horn. The problem here is not only the drivers, it's our numerous four-way stops, low speed limits and the pathetic timing of our lights. At least in St. Louis a traffic jam occurs for a reason. In Cape traffic jams occur because of poor drivers and poor city planning.

Important decisions

DOES STATE Rep. Joni Stefanick think we're silly? She argues that Medicaid will be a more accountable program if decisions concerning its applicability are left to elected legislators. I guess it depends on what you mean by the word accountable, but I think that leaving important, perhaps life-threatening decisions like those related to Medicaid funding to finicky, finger-in-the-wind politicians is patently absurd.

Matter of perspective

WHAT IF the Mars rovers discovered an arrowhead in the Martian soil? This dramatic find would be reported as absolute proof of intelligent life on the red planet. The design, symmetry and purpose of the stone tool would be irrefutable evidence. We see the complexities of life on earth -- DNA, the human brain, beauty, function, purpose -- yet some will defy logic and say "I see no evidence for a designer, a creator." The evidence for creation or evolution must be filtered through your philosophical viewpoint. You will see what you want to see, not necessarily what is.

Indecent broadcaster

I DON'T know what age has to do with whether you're decent or not, but I'm thinking it's more than fair that Howard Stern was dropped by at least six television stations. He should have been dropped a long time ago. He's the most indecent nothing I've ever seen in my life.

Which boosters?

I'M A Southeast Missouri State University booster, and I was appalled when I heard the boosters approved changing SEMO's mascot. They're not getting a fair and balanced report from the booster club. I want to know who decided that we support this change. That is ridiculous.

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