Nuggets in but seedings still unsettled

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The 16 NBA playoff teams are finally known. Exactly who will be seeded where remains to be determined.

The Denver Nuggets became the final team to clinch a postseason berth by defeating the Sacramento Kings on Monday night.

The Nuggets will be the eighth seed in the Western Conference, though they won't going to find out until late tonight whether they'll play the Kings, Lakers or Spurs.

The Kings can still win the Pacific Division and the No. 2 seed by defeating Golden State today. The Kings could clinch the division if the Lakers lost late Tuesday night against the Warriors.

If Sacramento (55-26) loses today and the Lakers (54-26) won Tuesday and win tonight (vs. Portland), Los Angeles will get the No. 2 seed.

Also, the Midwest Division title remains undecided.

Minnesota can win it outright by defeating Memphis today, but a loss by the Wolves and a victory by San Antonio over Denver would give it to the Spurs.

The Dallas Mavericks secured the No. 5 spot in the Western Conference with a 110-103 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night. The Grizzlies will have the sixth seed.

Much remains unsettled in the East, though not at the top.

Miami (41-40), Milwaukee (41-40), New Orleans (40-41) and New York (39-42) are fourth through seventh. The Bucks will finish No. 4 with a win today against Toronto.

A loss by Milwaukee, however, would drop the Bucks to fifth. And a loss by Milwaukee combined with a win by the Hornets would make them sixth.

The Knicks need a victory over Cleveland and a loss by the Hornets at Washington to jump past New Orleans to No. 6.

Utah's streak of consecutive playoff appearances ended at 20 with a loss to Minnesota on Monday night, while Portland was eliminated from the playoffs for the first time in 22 years with a loss to San Antonio on Monday.

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