Net-WerX rolls out wireless Internet services

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Larry Dush and Francis Ivanovich of I.T. WerX in Cape Girardeau recently announced the activation of their wireless Internet service in the Nash Road/airport area. Net-WerX, a division of I.T. WerX, is offering service plans between 384 kps and up to 3 mbps. Until now customers in the Nash Road area were unable to obtain high-speed Internet at cost-effective pricing.

Planning on the project began in October 2002 and culminated in the deployment of the wireless Internet infrastructure on March 12. Enterprise-level equipment has been selected to provide secure, dependable services to business customers.

A typical installation requires a small receiving unit mounted on the exterior of the building, a short run of networking cable and a small power supply. Installation takes less than two hours depending on the complexity of the installation required.

"It took a lot of work and planning to get this thing off the ground, but we have finally gotten it up and running," said Larry Dush, operations manager of I.T. WerX.

I.T. WerX has been providing high-speed wireless Internet service to residential customers since November 2003 and is planning future expansion in other areas currently without high-speed Internet services.

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