Bankruptcies for April 2004

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Bankruptcies filed through April 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.


Craft, Dana R. and Bradley W.10532
Creasman, Laurie G. 10364
Glastetter, Sandra K. 10570
McCain, George W. and Shelley L. 10506
Statler, Michael R. and Dianna L. 10480
Alford, JohnnyButler10348


Bisges, Marcia K.10412
Buesking, Bonnie H. 10516
Cate, Jesse A. and Kara M. 10518
Chaney, Michael C. and Karla F. 10402
Coleman, Jason E. and Melissa R. 10469
Coursey, Edward D. 10497
Davison, James E. and Vicki L. 10391
Dover, Dale L. 10370
Eastwood, Darrell D. and Erika 10416
Faraone, Jessie W. 10517
Favorite, Annie 10419
Gill, Willie M. 10418
Hager, Melissa S. 10464
Hagerty, Daniel J. 10405
Herndon, Gary G. and Rebecca L. 10511
Jones, Nancy A. 10462
Miller, Joshua D. 10392
Moore, George H. 10393
Murray, Tammy M. and Victor G. 10534
Olson, Bert L. and Kay A. 10568
Shafer, Betty A. 10515
Stock, Rebecca J. 10401
Stover, Russell and Juneva A. 10501
Waite, Martha D. 10340
Weatherford, Michael H. and Sandra L. 10424
Williamson, Dana L. and Terry D. 10541
Wyatt, Eric K. and Susan R. 10417
Zoll, Kevin D. 10500


Arnzen, Mark E. and Christina R.10371
Babers, Patrick and Montica 10456
Barton, Jeremy M. 10520
Boese, Nikita C. 10372
Brace, Douglas A. 10491
Brooks, Candie A. 10538
Crites, Darin K. 10374
Dunn, Chris E. 10529
Elsperman, Jason L. and Amanda F. 10339
Farrar, Bradley G. 10572
Fitzsimmons, Robert B. and Crystal G. 10528
Fuller, Larry W. 10539
Gaither, Cynthia L. 10523
Hale, Keith L. and Retha E. 10362
Hobbs, Mark A. 10411
Hounihan, Charlie C. 10375
James, Terry L. and Jessica L. 10433
Keller, Jon W. 10422
Kesterson, Heather L. 10444
King, Gregory S. and Dawn M. 10438
Lands, Dallas L. and Linda D. 10479
Lashmet, Richard E. 10437
Lincoln, Richard B. 10573
Lowe, Bridget 10441
McCants, Scotty L. and Leslie D. 10496
McDaniel, Doyle W. and Shelly J. 10342
McDonough, Clinton W. and Julie M. 10461
Moore, William L. 10478
Nichols, David A. and Shelley J. 10561
Parmer, Christna 10457
Payne, Jerry M. and Kiara L. T. 10519
Pender, Lillian L. 10446
Pruitt, Kathrine M. 10508
Sanders, Charles W. 10410
Schearf, Christopher L. 10357
Sechrest, James D. 10474
Smith, Jeffrey S. 10397
Sutton, Aaron J. 10350
Tedder, William K. and Jacquline A. 10434
Umphlett, Gary W. and Karin S. 10335


Dameron, Virginia L.10407
Hahn, Orville G. 10414
Phelps, Rebekah J. 10406
Whittom, Norman E. and Tina J. 10498


Busby, Gladys L.10427


Darnell, Michael R. and Pamela G.10487
Frey, James H. and Jennifer S. 10544
Goin, Char-lyne 10483
Hudson, Samuel J. 10556
Martin, Barbara J. 10557
McDowell, Renee A. 10365
St. Nicholas, William M. 10559


Barnett, Vicki L. 10351
Cravens, Carl G. 10451
Durbin, Lisa 10382
Gilmore, Robert H. and Reba J. 10356
Goins, David P. and Patti L. 10503
Henson, Brenda S. 10536
Houston, Gloria J. 10355
Hughes, Lester 10343
Lovins, Timothy and Brandy 10565
McCarty, Deborah K. 10353
Ross, Joe M. and Rosie A. 10358
Vannasdall, James H. and Della F. 10510
Williams, Jerry L. 10436


Bauwens, Dena A.10465
Biri, Rose C. 10552
Kim, Terry J. 10551
LaRose, John M. 10409
Mattingly, Jeremy R. 10376
Petty, Bryan and Rhonda 10458
Pingel, Van A. and Cheryl L. 10555
Runge, Charles E. and Kimberly A. 10466
Watson, Peggy L. 10361
Wright, Sandra K. 10553


Brawley Sr., Marvin R.10560
Chitwood, Travis W. and Gina J. 10471
Cox, Jackie C. 10367
Rennie, Michael D. and Glenda M. 10338
Robbs, Emmitt and Cathy 10363
Whitehead, Richard C. and Ava N. 10558


Adams, Alma J.10530
Adams, Tommy J. 10482
Alvarado, Manuel and Sandra K. 10383
Ashcraft, Michelle R. 10447
Bolt, Willard C. and Javada J. 10341
Brashear, Michael W. and Patricia A. 10354
Buel, Catherine 10521
Butrum, Marvin L. and Carolyn L. 10408
Crowly, Susabelle M. 10388
Cummins, Michael K. and Shelia J. 10502
Elrod, Donnie L. 10384
Emerson, Robin L. 10395
Frazier, Eleigh V. 10373
Garrett, Joseph and Minnie B. 10485
Graviett, Katherine E. A. 10486
Harrell, Monica D. 10420
Hawkins, Iris S. 10493
Henson, Judy K. 10400
Hopper, Patricia A. 10337
Irvin, Simon P. and Amy L. 10504
Jobe, Linda D. and Fred W. 10413
Johnson, Richard W. and Donna C. 10454
Jolley, Edward L. and Jessica M. 10385
Luttrell, Eric R. and Leslie A. 10522
McCoy, Rodney T. and Lora L. 10527
McDonald, Tony B. and Chadette M. 10394
Melrose, Craig A. and Trisha M. 10535
Oliva, Gwendolynn R. H. 10463
Reeves. Ronnie E. and Sarah A. 10531
Schrum, Bobby D. and Tonya R.A. 10542
Seabaugh, Virgil E. 10459
Simmons, Jeffrey S. and Michele M. 10484
Simmons, Jeffrey S. and Michele M. 10566
Swisher, Robert D. and Sheila F. 10360
Taylor, Velton L. and Nancy A. 10509
Tidwell, Roy J. and Karen S. 10533


Bolin, Byron A.10525
Coggins, Judith A.10346
Dordon, Jeremy D. 10476
Eads, Michael T. and Carol S. 10336
Fielder, Carl W. and Meredith D. 10345
Gaskins, Charles J. and Shirley A. 10547
Guffey, George G. and Joyce K. 10537
Hanner, Michelle L. 10425
Hendrix, Phillip S. and Raydean A. 10399
Hopkins, Melissa G. 10426
Jones, Ernest L. 10569
Jones, Timothy S. and Annette S. 10505
McCutchen, Brandon J. and Kelly D. 10368
Riddle, Jeffery S. and Cathy J. 10366
Russell, Barbara A. 10344
Schaffer, Kenneth A. and Susan 10442
Shipley, Karen L. 10477
Smiley, Eric G. and Stacy K. 10548
Teeters, Jerry W. and Christy D. 10369
Tippen, Brian K. and Samantha E. 10512
Welch, Bobby J. and Louise 10347
Werneck, Chaddrick S. and Amber D. 10390
Whittley, Lana S. 10526
Wills, Larry D. 10524


Agnew, Edith M.10403
Cervantes, Jose M. 10499
Fisher, Linda C. 10470
Montgomery, Betty B. 10455
Mumper, Marcia J. 10468
Pyles, Thabus B. and Vada R. 10467
Williams, Estella V. 10472
Wright, Joyce 10567
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