Speak Out 4/10/04

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Helpful technology

EMILY HENDRICKS' column about finding a helpful community on the Internet, in her case a group of people who deal with the same health challenge, is one of the great benefits of this technology. Thanks, Emily, for sharing your perspective.

Comparing cities

CAPE GIRARDEAU is a much better city than (no offense) Metropolis, Ill. Cape has fine restaurants that Metropolis can only dream of. The restaurants are filled every weekend, We don't need riverboat gambling here in Cape. It's a thriving city without it. Metropolis has always been a city that holds on by its fingernails, while Cape has always done it with class and dignity.

Best school lunches

MY DAD was a school superintendent in a small district and made a point of hiring some of the best cooks in the area. The food wasn't these generic things they flop on the kids' trays at school today. No wonder the kids only eat half of it. My dad wanted kids to eat well. I always ate the school lunches. In fact I wasn't allowed to eat anywhere else growing up and it helped make me healthy and strong.

Go slow and get there

I USED to complain about the blue-haired people being in the way when I went to the bank. It seemed like they were always in the way. A couple of weeks ago Iwas driving around doing my banking, I almost got run over twice. Suddenly it dawned on me. I am one of those blue-haired people. So go slow. You'll get there too.

Quick police work

THE UNITED States should hire some of the police over in Spain who so quickly found the bombers over there. They are very efficient, do a good job. We can use some treatment like that.

Get the facts first

TO THE mother who commented on her child's teacher and the study of dinosaurs: Rather than gripe about it in "Speak Out," talk to your child's teacher. As an elementary teacher and parent, I know that sometimes children hear something and come home with a totally different story or simply misunderstood what the teacher said. While I do not know what happened in this particular situation, I feel that the parent took the wrong step by griping in this column. Parents, find out the real story, before jumping to conclusions and siding against the teacher.

Spanking works

I'M ALL for spanking. I wish I could spank the kids (and their parents too) who run around in restaurants and stores while their parents tell them that they won't get this or that as punishment. I was more scared of my dad coming home and spanking me than I was a lecture. If I were a kid again, I'd take the lecture every time over a spanking. I was spanked and am a better person because of it.

Parental equality

I WAS shocked by the "Better at nurturing" comment. Then I realized that probably a lot of people believe it said: that mothers are better nurturers and therefore should have primary physical custody. This reflects the kind of attitude that takes away a dad's rights. Uninformed people start with an opinion that the mother is the better parent for some obtuse reason, and soon they are using that irrelevant and seldom accurate point to springboard to a ridiculous and totally wrong conclusion. Because one parent is better at anything does not justify taking away the rights of the other. Real moms and dads respect each other and believe in equality.

Don't spare the rod

I LEARNED something from a preacher years ago. Give kids what they want, and if that doesn't satisfy them give them what they need: a spanking. Spare the rod, spoil the child.

Good step on fees

I WANT to applaud the city council for raising fees to city golf and park services. Many of these fees hadn't been increased in years. If the city is going to get out of financial problems, making such prudent business decisions will be necessary. This is a good step.

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