Letter to the Editor

'Passion' helps point the way

Saturday, April 10, 2004

To the editor:

Response to "The Passion of the Christ" has not yet seen its end. People have listened and watched. Emotions have been aroused. Hearts have been warmed.

The movie certainly shows the potential of reducing the crime and violence that plague the world. Many youngsters as well as adults have become too eager to control a gun, resulting in an increase in loss of lives.

A disturbance at a basketball game sent four persons to the hospital. Similar behavior shows up in other sports.

Two boys killed 12 students and a teacher and then turned the gun on themselves. Where do you think they are today?

Sometimes a jolt becomes a necessary element in change.

Hell is running over now. Maybe "The Passion of the Christ" will change that and point to the purpose it is really meant to serve. Think about that.


Cape Girardeau