Letter to the Editor

Emerson backs our troops

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

To the editor:

Robert Polack would rather the United States had never sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq. I admire his dedication to peace, but it is dangerous to prefer inaction to a defense of our nation against terrorists.

To his tally of dead add 3,000 innocent lives lost in America on 9-11, 190 in Spain on 3-11 and countless more under the Taliban and Saddam Hussein.

Because of American action, there is hope for a future without genocide or institutionalized terrorism.

Iraqis and Afghanis now participate in their governments, not live in fear of them. Thanks to our efforts they have rights, starting with human rights.

Polack paints the United States as the aggressor when America's bravest are overseas defending us from terror. I have visited our troops there. They have freed people ruled by fear.

Polack has the nerve to ask if I "feel any remorse for the deaths" in Iraq and Afghanistan. My sorrow at the loss of American lives is only buoyed by my pride in their bravery.

I wish Polack could see why these men and women in uniform perform their duties so honorably.

I stand behind our troops and support their endeavor.

In the end, the casualties of war with terrorists do not outnumber the casualties of peace with them.

Iraqis, Afghanis and Americans must live free. It is a difficult reality that freedom has a price.


8th District

Cape Girardeau