Letter to the Editor

Dinosaur - Waste of time

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

To the editor:

Once again Marble Hill is the statewide butt of jokes thanks to state Rep. Rod Jetton and his effort to give us a state dinosaur.

In a recent editorial, the Kansas City Star chided Jetton for spending too much time on trivial matters instead of working on the state budget. The General Assembly gave up on that hard task and instead went on spring break.

Jetton is second in command in the Missouri House, so the blame for the House's failure to do its job falls squarely on Jetton's shoulders.

I think one of Jetton's fellow Republicans said it best. State Rep. Bob Johnson of Lee's Summit said, "We ought to be talking about things such as bringing in retail, tax-increment-financing projects or campaign-finance reform, or providing prescription drugs to our population. To spend time on ... the state dinosaur is probably not very productive."


Marble Hill, Mo.