Speak Out 03/27/04

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Lower doctor fees?

OUR COURTS offer the only avenue of redress for real victims of egregious medical malpractice. Anyone can see it's horse-phooey thinking to expect reducing malpractice tort ceilings to do anything but protect incompetent doctors. No doctors or hospitals promise lower fees in return.

Some dads need help

IF ALL who marry stayed married, obviously that would enable both parents to be involved in their children's lives. Married does not mean together. Also, it is the mom who in most cases divorces the dad and not always because the dad is bad. She just might not want to be married to him anymore or she may have found other interests. Please remember that many loving dads have no choice about being divorced or losing access to their children. These are the dads who are seriously in need of legal help and often cannot afford it.

Movie isn't reality

I'VE BEEN reading in Speak Out about fathers' rights with non-custodial children. The movie "Mrs. Doubtfire" comes to mind. That father, played by Robin Williams, was willing to disguise himself as a heavy-set woman and cook and clean just to spend time with his children. He sacrificed his free time and gave of himself anonymously, all because he wanted so desperately to be with his kids. That story made all of us teary-eyed movie-goers appreciate good fathers, married and otherwise. In reality, I often see a parent so busy pursuing a new lifestyle, a new mate or a new freedom that he or she does little to sacrifice for the children. At best, it becomes a power battle about visitation rights. No one asks the children what they want. My children's father reports to others that he misses his kids, but he almost never calls.

Need equal custody

I AGREE with "Try getting along". There are some very good parents with children who live apart but are mature and who work together for the benefit of their children. I applaud them, especially the mothers who do this in spite of the fact that they have total control. Sadly, there are so many other mothers who legally disenfranchise the dads. Their objective is to hurt the dads, not to do what is best for the children. We need judges who believe in equal legal and physical custody, and we need laws that can be easily enforced against parents who abuse judgments. Dads currently are presumed guilty and have to prove their innocence time after time against false charges voiced by mom. The mom is presumed to be innocent and a paragon of virtue.

Classroom battles

LIKE MANY others, Jason Bandermann deserves a teacher's medal of honor. A Vietnam veteran of the Cambodian invasion and friend of mine who once taught school told me he preferred what became the killing fields of Cambodia to the challenges of the classroom.

Roots of terrorism

THE IDEA that you can bludgeon terrorists into submission with bombs and bullets is plain stupid. People become terrorists because they feel repressed and helpless and are desperate. The only way to deal with terrorism is to address the root causes of the disaffection and desperation that breed it.

Good advice

DRIVING WHILE watching DVDs? Our parents, driving instructors and pop icon Jim Morrison advised us to "keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel."

Dirty campaigning

THIS PRESIDENTIAL campaign will become so dirty that before it's over each of the major candidates will show on television endorsements of his opponent by real-looking Osamas.

It's a sure sign

NO SIGN that the end is near could be more clear than the fact that at the box office "The Passion of the Christ" was replaced by "Dawn of the Dead."

Spring in bloom

The flowering trees and shrubs have been absolutely wonderful this year. Maybe we should give thanks.

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