Speak Out 03/24/04

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Seems farfetched

DOES DAVID Limbaugh actually do research on the things he preaches about, or does he just make up stuff and post it as truth? Everything I read from him seems a little farfetched.

Short another officer

IF THE city manager insists on allowing a police officer to take a leave of absence to run for public office during a so-called police officer shortage, I will not vote for the fire tax. This is just one more example of how inefficient city government is. What's next? Allowing city employees to take leaves of absence to start a business? Leaves of absence are meant for more serious things like taking care of family affairs where serious illness or death has occurred, not to run for office and leave the city further unprotected.

Rarely punished

IN RESPONSE to the caller who said "black male students often receive more harsh punishment": I've graduated from a local high school. More often than not those students never received any punishment. Most of the star athletes in certain high school sports happen to be black males, and these students are almost never punished.

Sports lessons

I HAVE watched with great interest the budget wars of the schools in the area. When did the prime directive become to teach children how to play games? Why is it that when the schools have to cut somewhere, they choose to cut the classroom, not the field? Sports are supposed to be extracurricular. When the average person is having a budget crunch, would he stop buying groceries, or would he choose not to go to the movies? At one time sports might have taught good lessons like sportsmanship and teamwork. Today it appears that what the athlete is learning is egotism, false superiority and entitlement.

Mascot won't help

NOW THAT Southeast Missouri State University has finally made its politically correct decision to change its mascot, so be it. I'm tired of hearing about it. The athletic programs at SEMO are underacheving and an embarrassment anyway. Changing the name won't lift them from their doormat status or attract higher quality athletes.

Incompetents fired

THE SPANISH people did not "surrender to terrorists" by voting out Aznar's party because of the train bombings. Instead, they fired the incompetent leaders who had failed to protect them from terrorists.

Depressing campaign

ACCORDING TO an article in The Atlantic Monthly, Missouri is the most demographically and otherwise representative state in the nation. With one exception, Missourians have voted for the presidential winner since 1900. Thus, Missouri may be more than a battleground state in the presidential sweepstakes election. It may be the battleground state. As a result, you can expect President Bush and John Kerry to make many appearances in Missouri. I don't know about the rest of you, but as a proud member of the Show Me State I find that prospect depressing if not downright frightening.

Keep the band going

I WISH to present positive comments about the continuance of the Cape Girardeau Municipal Band. This music is enjoyed by many people both young and old, rich or poor. As a young girl I attended each weekly concert at the old courthouse band shell. My lifelong love of music got an early start listening to the stirring marches. It was hard to sit still. At times we would march around the old courthouse in time to the music. We had very few things to do back in those tough times growing up, and the concerts were so appreciated, just as they are today. Please keep the concerts coming for future generations to enjoy and produce musicians that will keep a song in our hearts.

They get tax credits

THE PHARMACEUTICAL companies' cry that they need profit margin to pay for research and development is simply a lie. They receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for every cent they put into research.

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