Speak Out 3/23/04

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Use common sense

REGARDING THE widening of Broadway: I beg that the powers that be not allow the engineers who were involved in the roundabout or the intersection of Independence and Mount Auburn Road be involved in it, because it's going to be a disaster. Get somebody who has some common sense.

New production

CENTRAL HIGH School is putting on the musical "South Pacific" March 25 to 27. You Speak Out readers who were there 30 years ago when it was put on before could come out again. Once every 30 years is worth a try.

System worked

I'M GLAD to see that the ethics probe found no violations. I also find it curious that apparently the legal system worked the way it's supposed to. It wasn't legal harassment.

Outstanding musicians

I ATTENDED the high school music contest at the university and was impressed with the musical talent of the young people. Congratulations to them and their directors for jobs well done.

Chaffee has potential

THE ARTICLE about the new Chaffee police chief was great. I am a lifelong Chaffee resident and am overwhelmed by the excitement and optimism the new chief expressed. Chaffee is starving for individuals with leadership abilities. The city needs to recruit people for the city council who possess good business sense and leadership abilities. They have to lead by example. Chaffee has assets that will bring good families and businesses to town: railroad, near Interstate 55, airport, industrial development along Nash Road and 12 miles from the Southeast Missouri Port Authority.

No common sense

I'M JUST curious who's running Cape Girardeau. Is it the city council or the university? I see where the city plans to spend $2 million to widen Broadway. Who's that going to help besides the university? It's getting to be the point of being ridiculous. City officials have lost all common sense.

Support the musical

THE CENTRAL High School cast, crew and orchestra are doing a fine job rehearsing for "South Pacific." They deserve a large, enthusiastic audience. Everyone should come support the arts and enjoy an old-fashioned evening of quality entertainment March 25 to 27.

Malpractice solution

IF THE Southeast Missourian is going to print Republican spin stories with misleading headings concerning malpractice cost, you should at least get your facts straight. The number of doctors licensed to practice in Missouri in 2003 increased to 21,533 while the number of doctors living in Missouri also increased in 2003. That figure (erroneously reported as the number of practicing physicians) is 13,899. If we are serious about lowering the cost of medical service, we should take the insurance company lobby out of the picture by radically increasing the number of students being accepted into medical school. Create an environment that has more doctors and fewer insurance adjusters and parasitic lawyers.

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