Kizzle Yo Televizzle

Monday, March 8, 2004

Let's put it into 4th gear to start this thing and address the controversy of the Superbowl. I must say I too was deeply offended and truly upset about it. I cannot believe the audacity of MTV, CBS and whoever else put their stamp of approval on having Aerosmith perform at yet another nationally televised event. What are you nuts? Aerosmith sucks. Let's all pray that we aren't victims of such tomfoolery again. Every year it's like a competition to let more washed up artists try to jumpstart their failing careers than the prior year. I would rather see Areola-smith.

What's the big deal about The Passion of Christ? It's just someone's belief. The same people persecuting Mel Gibson for making it come from a history of persecution. is an excellent website making fun of the worst mobile device ever: The Nokia N-Gage. Then again that's Nokia for you. I prefer Christopher Walken Side Talkin action myself. Log on and you'll see.

If you're downloading music fear not, just make sure you don't share it. Key phrase is that right now they're going after the "file-sharers" not the "file-downloaders". CD sales were up 10% in 2003. I believe downloading was up as well. Hmmmmmm? Regardless of the future of downloading, there is nothing like going to a real music store, breathing the lyric filled air, talking music with others, and holding the latest release. Burnt copies are so sterile and lifeless. Plus most of them sound like crap due to the encoding process. I should know, I've spent nearly a decade in the audio field.

I'm going to start charging a cover at the door of my apartment. I'll be rich by next month. It's like a party in my living room.

Let's Go Blues! However why would anyone want to be part of the "crease police". I think that we should get tacos if the Blues keep the Red Wings under 5 goals. When it comes to the Blues vs. Red Wings rivalry, the bluenotes are definitely lubing up the old dooggachute and taking one for the team.

Did the GOP get together to help vote John Kerry into position to take the democratic nomination? We're going to have to choose the lesser of two evils this fall. I would prefer the John Edward that talks to dead people. He'd be a fun commander and chief. "Above to the left, she's telling me Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse underoos...Mickey Mouse movies....oh a female that starts with screw it let's nuke'em."

Last time I saw a Budweiser "Leon-True" commercial I snorted Coors Light out my nose. Irony.

There is a movie that I got a chance to be a part of called Dark Garden. I got to work with some really cool people who are passionate about this movie. I was a hardnosed grizzled cop. Look for me in the most crucial scene of the entire movie. Okay I'm really putting a Parker Factor on the importance of my part but it was fun.

Oh and one more thing. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC) is still the greatest television show since South Park.


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