Speak Out 03/17/04

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Make them pay

THE POLICE are to be commended for solving the vandalism in Cape Girardeau and Jackson. I hope the judge that handles this case doesn't send these boys to prison -- I don't want to pay for one single meal -- but I would make them pay every dime it took to pay for every window they broke. And their parents should not be allowed to do it. They should have to pay for it out of their own pocket and own hard labor.

Appealing businesses

WHILE THE recent comment was very humorous, I personally don't look at an awning to see how faded it is before I go into a store. And when I'm downtown I don't really notice the peeling paint. What I do notice is whether I'm getting a good value for my money and businesses that appeal to me. Right now there really aren't any businesses that appeal to me. I go downtown for Broussard's, but the area needs better businesses besides antique shops and jewelry stores that many can't afford to shop at.

More from teachers

PTO SHOULD be more than about volunteering. As a parent, you should be able to derive more information from it. Ideally teachers would come out to talk about your children. Some cities have effective PTAs in their schools where parent concerns can be addressed by individual teachers.

Where are they?

A SPEAK Out caller said it was the fault of the people that all of our jobs are going overseas. That doesn't include me, because I've always bought American-made products whenever I could and gladly paid a little bit more money because I knew it was keeping somebody in a job. But now I would like to know where I can buy American-made stuff. I cannot find American-made stuff in the stores anymore. So don't blame the people for not buying American-made products, because we can't find them now.

Are they intentional?

IN RESPONSE to the inane comparison of physicians and guns causing accidental deaths, ask this: How many intentional deaths are caused by doctors? How many intentional deaths are caused by guns?

No chance for dads

DADS SHOULD be a major part of their children's lives, but the law and moms and DFS make it nearly impossible for unmarried dads. According to law, he is not the dad and has no legal rights until he pays to go to court and prove it. Generally, he gets minimum visitation with maximum child support, and then the law will not enforce the visitation directed by the court. The mom rules. Most young dads cannot afford the legal fees to fight. The mom gets government assistance, not the dad. The deadbeat-dad law, moms and DFS are the ones separating dads from their children.

Expanding our vision

KUDOS TO Tim Thompson, the Prophet Players and St. Vincent High School in Perryville for bringing the Laramie Project to Southeast Missouri. When a school performance so courageously advocates for what is right rather than ignoring and thus perpetuating a mindless continuation of the status quo, one can only conclude that those educators are of the highest caliber. Thank you, St. Vincent's, for expanding our vision.

Building roads

USUALLY FOOT-dragging Missouri Farm Bureau president Charles Kruse suddenly wants Missouri to proceed with its road-building program. The reason is that Kruse no longer believes there is a reason to stall the effort his organization helped delay. That's because he now thinks that the credit for a successful road-building effort will go to his Republican cronies.

No rights for dads

HOW WOULD you feel about seeing or speaking to your child every other weekend? Doesn't that sound great? That is the average package a non-custodial dad gets thanks to our system. That means no calls, no evening visits, nothing unless Mom is charitable. But generally she wants to deprive the dad of everything. What recourse does Dad have? None. It is the law. And what did Dad do to deserve this treatment? He is a dad, dispossessed by law of his child by the mom. Fathers' rights are a joke.

Broder hits the nail

DAVID BRODER is your lone decently objective syndicated columnist. He was correct to write that President Bush should wrap himself in the American flag during this difficult time of an ongoing terrorist threat. He was also correct to imply that if Bush is as truly committed to winning the war on terror as he says he is, he would reinstate the draft and, to help pay for the conflict, roll back tax cuts for the rich.

Part of our heritage

AT LAST. A Southeast Missourian editorial I can agree with. I am not a personal fan of the municipal band, but I recognize it as an important part of our heritage.

Tax the obese too

WHY SINGLE out the tobacco users? We've endured numerous attacks on taxes. Why not tax the obese? They also abuse their commodities. Obesity is also a controlled intake and is rapidly expanding. Check your statistics.

Important issues

THE TAX issue on the Cape Girardeau ballot is going to support those who risk their lives to help others. They are asking for a few cents to have better equipment and a little better pay. The police department and fire department have good people, but who can blame them for leaving when they can make more working at a gas station?

Courageous stand

I WANT to commend the students who produced the Laramie project in Perryville. They have taken a courageous stand against intolerance, and they have my full support. We need more young people of this caliber. Well done.

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