Congress gets thumbs up for harassing Players Union

Monday, March 15, 2004

Sports and politics have always been a bad combination, just ask Tim Robbins.

But let's salute Congress for taking an active role in the steroid debate. It's time a heavy hand came down on Major League Baseball's Players Association. They need some sense slapped into them.

Sen. Joe Biden, a Democrat from Delaware, spoke out against steroids along with Sen. John McCain last week.

"There's something simply un-American about this. This is about values, about culture, it's about who we define ourselves to be," Biden said about steroid use.

I don't know about that.

Illegal? Yes.

Hazardous to the sport? Definitely.

But un-American? No way.

Since when did it become un-American to do whatever it takes to be the best? Win at all costs, that's America's motto.

It's time for senators like Biden to stop threatening the Players Union and actually do something about it.

This issue is killing baseball and it threatens its existence, we know that. But what, if anything, is Congress going to do about it?

And there's no reason to get outrageous with this issue. We (the media, Congress and the fans) are demanding answers like it's the Salem witch trials.

Perhaps we deserve answers, but be rational about it and test every player.

If baseball can't clean up its own sport and conform with the rest of the professional leagues, then the government must do something about it.

Here's something to help you clean up your plans for your week ahead:


Southeast Missouri State's baseball team returns from a tough road series to take on Central Michigan at home, where the Indians are unbeaten in three games this year. It's a doubleheader at 2 p.m.


Southeast continues it's homestand against Southwest Missouri State at 1 p.m.


Show Me Believers, a St. Louis indoor football team, play their home opener against the Lexington Horsemen at 1 p.m. Ozzie Smith and Mike Jones will be on hand and lead a flag football game at halftime.

Down the road

The Cardinals designated April 17 as Mark McGwire Day. McGwire will be honored in a ceremony and throw out the first pitch. Tickets are going fast.

David Wilson is a sportswriter for the Southeast Missourian and a student at Central High School. His column appears every Monday.

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