Speak Out 03/14/03

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Thanks for jazz band

I WOULD like to thank the Southeast Missourian for bringing the Air Force jazz band to us. It was wonderful.

Charge cleanup fee

THERE IS a solution to the spring cleanup without having to do away with it because of our city's financial difficulties. Some people have items for the cleanup, and some don't. What about just charging an extra fee on our bill if we leave things out for spring cleanup? Those that don't won't be charged. I think that would work.

Learning environment

I HAVE wondered for a number of years why our courts and legislatures are more interested in the disruptive and violent student's right to be violent and disrupt than they are in the average student's right to learn in an educational environment that's conducive to learning.

Get the big crooks

I'M GLAD to see Martha Stewart's program is still on TV. I enjoy it. When are the big boys going to put the Enron guys on trial? They are the ones who have really hurt lots of people. Martha didn't hurt anyone like they have. Keep Martha's program going and hang the Enron guys.

Support for science

I'M GLAD they found water on Mars, and I'm glad we have a country that seeks scientific endeavors of going out into space.

Farmer's market

THE FARMER charges whatever the market is willing to pay when he sells something. He doesn't have any choice as far as setting the price.

Bad-mouthing dads

FATHERS ARE being bad-mouthed, and I think that's wrong. It's a shame that a woman has this much control in our courts for custody. The men pay child support, and the judge gives the fathers partial custody . The mother makes up lies to keep the dads from being involved in their children's lives. Women can get by with anything.

Don't poke fun

THINK there are plenty of hardworking, overweight Americans who won't appreciate Uncle Sam poking fun at them with their own tax dollars. There are many health problems besides obesity that make people overweight. I would also be concerned that humorous announcements would cause children to disrespect those who are overweight but who are contributing members of our society. It's a matter of teaching your children to look inside to see what a person is like.

Useful information?

EVEN THOUGH I'm in danger of losing my job, I can rest easy at night knowing there used to be water on Mars.

Fine band program

I HAD the opportunity to go listen to the Jackson High School concert band's dress rehearsal for the contests at Southeast Missouri State University. It was outstanding. Thank goodness I had a grandson who got me in there. It would have been worth anybody's time to have heard this fantastic performance. Congratulations, Jackson High School, on a fine program.

Dedicated to teaching

MARY INEZ Smith was one of the last representatives of a generation of women who for personal and varied reasons did not marry and have children of their own but dedicated their lives to education and other people's children. They were and remain excellent teachers, individuals who loved and respected the children they taught. They were positive role models for both their male and female students and subsidized public education by working long hours for very little pay. In memory of Miss Inez I say we who taught with you salute you and wish you eternal bliss.

Road maintenance

I LIVE on County Road 472. There is one mile of it that is not blacktopped. It is so washed out that you jolt your car or truck to pieces. I've complained. The road grader is out today. The road is still washed out. I was told by a commissioner that all it needed was a thorough grading. All the grader did was pull the gravel back in the holes and leave it.

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