Beyond belief?

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Critics say President George W. Bush lied to us about why we should go to war in Iraq. ... Similarly, critics of former President Bill Clinton say he lied to us about Monica Lewinsky. ...

It would be nice if none of our leaders ever misled. I do think Bush was eager to sell his war policy and thought the threat of Saddam's weapons effectively made the case, but the subsequent failure to find smoking guns does not prove outright lying or a complete paucity of reasoning for going to war.

As for Clinton, well, his Monica high jinks demeaned the office but, let's face it, did nothing to diminish the quality of his policies. ...

Just because we don't like Bush or his policies is no reason to say nothing he says is believable.

Matter of fact, I worry because some of the things he says and wants to do are all too believable. -- Henry J. Waters III in the Columbia Daily Tribune.

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