Out of the past 3/9/04

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

10 years ago: March 9, 1994

WASHINGTON -- Construction of new Mississippi River bridge at Cape Girardeau got attention of congressional subcommittee yesterday; U.S. Rep. Bill Emerson joined highway chief engineer Wayne Muri in telling panel that replacement of bridge must be top priority.

Although Jackson Board of Aldermen unanimously approved contract with Allied Waste Management Inc. to operate city's landfill Monday, decision wasn't supported by county residents living near site.

25 years ago: March 9, 1979

Creation of one or more lakes north of Cape Girar-deau is one of several flood-control alternatives being considered by Army Corps of Engineers as method of preventing flooding of Cape LaCroix and Walker creeks.

CAIRO, Ill. -- Scores of volunteers and engineers are struggling with ruptured floodgate in storm drain leading from pumping station to Ohio River; gate ruptured Wednesday sending thousands of gallons of water coursing through a manhole.

50 years ago: March 9, 1954

Reorganization of rural school districts into single enlarged teaching areas is approved by voters in two of six such districts; approval is given plan in high school area centered around Jackson and in elementary district centering on Jackson.

County court Monday took first legal step toward establishing public road north of Cape Girardeau, linking North Sprigg Road and State Route V (Bend Road); road will leave Bend Road just north of Standard Hatchery plant and connect with Sprigg, one quarter mile north of Arboreta at point where lane now serves a few houses.

75 years ago: March 9, 1929

Tentative plans for construction in Cape Girardeau of milk condensary to cost between $75,000 and $100,000 are announced by O.W. Anderson, president of Barnes Dairy Products Co. of Rogers, Ark., and Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce.

Work of establishing sub-grade on Highway 61 between Cape Girardeau and Jackson has begun on west end of road and actual paving of route should begin within few weeks.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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