Speak Out 03/09/03

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Seeking donations

THESE GUYS are calling and begging for a donation to the police department. Some of them work for the police department, and their wives are working too. If they can't save some of that like the rest of us did when we were younger, then don't depend on us to support them.

Underground is better

I LIVE out past East Main Street in Jackson. It used to be a pleasure to drive through there, but it has turned into a very ugly area. I did some checking with other towns whose engineers said those utility poles aren't necessary. They said underground cables would have been better.

Expensive water

I'M SO glad they found water on Mars. I wonder how much that cost the taxpayers.

No appreciation

ISN'T IT a shame that the people of Jackson never appreciate any progress that's made in that city? Their backwardness sure shows where the power lines are concerned. Grow up. It's time for a little education, folks.

Movie's lesson

I HOPE politicians and business owners see "The Passion of the Christ" and remember that Jesus Christ died for our sins and that the church is a meeting place to pray for our souls and to ask for forgiveness and not a place to meet to drum up business or to further our political goals.

It's only a weapon

A GUN is a weapon. It is not like a screwdriver, hammer or shoelace, which can be subverted from their intended purpose in order to be used as a weapon. But a gun has no other purpose than to be a weapon. I wish gun advocates would just come clean and be more honest about their intentions. They want to have weapons. They want to carry guns. They are not planning to tie their shoes with them.

Awesome performance

I AM a senior citizen, and I attended the Image Tour at the Show Me Center. It was wonderful, and I think the attendance shows this is the type of entertainment many Christians would like to have more often. The crowd was very responsive to the artists, but their response was orderly. God was truly glorified by all the performers. MercyMe was awesome. The variety of the artists provided something for all ages. Let's have more Christian concerts more often.

Not good role model

HOW IN the world do you expect public schools to teach financial responsibility when they can't keep their own fiscal house in order?

Thanks, trash workers

I WOULD like to take a moment to thank the city trash collectors in Cape Girardeau for all the hard work they do. I think they need a pat on the back for their efforts. Riding the back of a trash truck is really hard and sometimes thankless work. I wanted to let them know that we appreciate them.

No shoelace deaths

MANY GUN owners are making the argument that guns are tools. I suggest that they try a stronger argument. I don't worry too much about somebody in anger pulling a shoelace and threatening me with it. I don't think it will go off accidentally and hurt me.

Municipal service

IN RESPONSE to the callers who said they were surprised the Cape Girardeau Municipal Band was funded by the city and has been since the 1920s, what part of the name "municipal band" don't you understand? Funding covers upkeep of the Capaha Park band shell and a nominal fee for the band members, who are either aspiring young musicians who consider it a part-time job or business and industry leaders who volunteer countless hours to various community projects that are intended to improve the quality of life in this city and attract people to spend money here. At $20,000 a year, that costs each Cape resident approximately 65 cents per year. Maybe some of the band members don't need the money, but to expect them to pick up the tab is to reward apathy and punish community spirit.

Turn to God's teaching

IS HOWARD Stern responsible for the everything bad going on in the world today? No. Pastors who no longer teach the word of God, parents who no longer teach moral fiber to their children and schools that no longer teach fundamentals are the ones responsible. In short, our society is responsible for this decay. Electing a different president or senator will not change this country. When the nation turns from decay toward the living God and practices what he taught, then things will get better.

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