Letter to the Editor

Child needs special school

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

To the editor:

Where does crucifixion of a teacher stop and both sides of the story start? The full story of the duct taping of a child at the Oran school was not given. Does not anyone realize that the teacher may have a story? And even if she wasn't giving any comments, does that make her solely at fault? I agree the situation was not handled properly. I am also fully aware of what the circumstances were leading up to that point.

My children attend Oran schools, and I am very proud of the system we have. While every school has its drawbacks, the teachers are not one of them. The student in question is a special-needs student and needs to be in a special-needs school. He has bitten students, spit on them, slapped them, chased them with scissors and cussed at them. It is not fair that our children have to suffer through his fits and disruptions, which take away from their education.

While I can understand his parents wanting him to lead a normal life, is it fair to him to keep him in an environment where he is continually hostile toward all of those around him? Why is this one student given special treatment? If the parents want him to be treated fairly and keep him in this school, then they must expect him to follow the same rules as our children and be punished in the same way that ours would be.


Oran, Mo.