Letter to the Editor

Downtown - Special shopping

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

To the editor:

A recent article focused on the closing of two significant stores in downtown Cape Girardeau. We are disappointed that Scott Moyers chose to slant his story on the negative instead of the positive side. Shopping downtown at one time was a necessity. There was no place else to shop. All shopping areas change, and vacancies occur. However, the vacancy rate downtown is no greater than that of the mall.

Shopping is no longer just a necessity. It is a form of entertainment. Downtown shopping is an experience. It still holds the magic of the past with the changes of the present.

Change is inevitable. It's how you perceive that change that is important. Hecht's has left an indelible mark on our downtown with its quality merchandise and service. Many will remember Hale's for its wedding-gift registries. The friends and downtown neighbors they have made over the years will certainly miss them most.

Their leaving, however, will not destroy downtown. Instead, it will make room for new businesses to leave their mark. We own a collection of photographs of downtown, including many of the businesses that have come and gone. The memorable ones are of the family-owned businesses where the customer came first.

Downtown is still a place were families come to feel the magic of the past and the excitement of the future. It is a place where the customer still comes first, friendliness is genuine and a business reputation is important.


Lang's Jewelers

Cape Girardeau