Transcripts and videos of Timothy Krajcir's confessions: Parsh, Cole, Call murders; home invasion and rape

Wednesday, April 9, 2008
KIT DOYLE ~ Timothy Krajcir was helped out of a transport vehicle Friday for his arraignment at the Federal Courthouse in Cape Girardeau, Mo. Krajcir exited from behind three locked doors in the transport van.

Timothy W. Krajcir's guilty pleas in a Cape Girardeau courtroom last week brought closure to the victims and families of victims the serial killer raped and murdered between 1977 and 1982.

Following the guilty plea, thousands of pages of documents on the case became available to the public. The Southeast Missourian has obtained copies of the documents, including Krajcir's confessions about his Cape Girardeau crimes. Starting today, and over the next several days, we will post parts of Krajcir's December interview with police while he was in prison in Illinois, an interview in which he confesses to his Cape Girardeau crimes.

Recently added: Krajcir's confession to the murder of Mildred Wallace. Video of the Parsh and Cole confessions and a confession of a rape and home invasion also added.

Warning: Parts of Krajcir's confession will contain recountings of events that will offend some people.

The Parsh murders

Home invasion and rape

The Sheila Cole murder

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